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  Week of July 27, 2003: No gifts this week.  
  Week of August 3, 2003: No gifts this week.
I did however, send out 17 new applications for employment, so hopefully one of these will be fruitful. Please spread the word about this your friends, fellow workers, family members, local newspapers and whoever else you can think of... thanks!
  Week of August 10, 2003: Is anybody out there?

Week of August 17, 2003: Here's the deal. Make me change the thermometer Graphics! How, you may ask? Share your pennies and Lori has to change the graphics - yes!

Remember when I sang "Oh, no, don't let the rain come down..."? (see Blue Moon Club) I'm singing it again. The rain came down and the ole roof let the water inside the house. Ceiling tiles are now groaning with the weight of their new look. See you next week!

  Week of August 31, 2003: Hey folks- make Lori change the thermometers - get this "looking to be upsized" lady working on end the draught (possibly caused by my singing "Oh, no, don't let the rain come down..."). Let's get the leaks fixed, so Lori can sing "Let it rain...let it rain..."). Thanks!  
  Week of October 10, 2003: Well, I got most of the plastic up this week to prepare for Old Man Winter! I've also had big beautiful bumblebees showing up in my kitchen, sometimes up to three a day. I transport them to the great outdoors - they make me smile. So big and buzzy, soft and fuzzy!  
  Thanksgiving Week: Aside from cash flow, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I've been fortunate to pick-up some freelance project work, remain healthy, and my dog and cats are a wonderful source of endorphins. Hope your Thanksgiving is happy and warm!  
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