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  Floors are nice things to have...
  Have you ever seen old British Ceramic tile (BCT)? I've now been up close and personal with old BCT tile...hmm-yuck!

When I moved into the old homestead, I knew there were multiple layers of carpet in the living and dining rooms. (The previous owners - did I tell you they had the house for 60 years?-) may have felt that laying carpet over carpet would help keep their feet warmer in the dead of winter.
  Anyway, thinking that there would be hardwood floors (like in the bedroom), I got assertive and ripped up the living room carpet - enter BCT tiles (which are small squares of green & maroon with white streaks - you may have seen them in some old school house) that are between me and the hardwood flooring! How do I know there is hardwood under there? The cellar ceiling is made up of diagonal cedar planks that show the beautiful hardwood between the chinks.

While I've been shown that removing the BCT tiles is unrealistic; it would be wonderful to lay some pleasant looking tile over the green & maroon checkerboard (my chess pieces do not match and are much too small to use on the floor).
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As a Thank You when you give money to the Magic Carpet Club, you will receive a link for a certificate suitable for framing. It can be a great conversation piece. People would say, "What's that?", and you could say, "Oh, I helped a lady get her magic carpet".
BCT Tiles
Other Cat of the House showing off the BCT tiles.
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Lori passed away in July of 2008. This site remains as a memorial. Donations are not being taken and Paypal links have been removed.