"Light Up A Life" Club

Help Raise: $7,400

  And someone said..."Let there be light!"
  There have been some pretty creative residents in the old homestead. Did most people even have electricity in 1880? Back to point...the goal here, is to update the electric to 220 amp, and install "up to date" outlets. The electrician will do the circutry outside the home as he is not small enough to use the crawlspace.  
  I am still finding wires (false ceilling let loose recently) snaking through walls (extension cords actually). Part of the fun is figuring out where they attach, for example; an outlet in the bedroom closet goes into the wall, comes out on the front porch, and supplies the electricity to the outside yard light!  
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As a Thank You when you give money to the Light Up A Life Club, you will receive a link for a certificate suitable for framing. It can be a great conversation piece. People would say, "What's that?", and you could say, "Oh, I helped a lady light up a life".

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Lori passed away in July of 2008. This site remains as a memorial. Donations are not being taken and Paypal links have been removed.