Help A Fool Keep Her Home & Bring It Up To Date!

(Lori passed away in July of 2008. This site remains as a memorial)
  I owned a 1976 mobile home in a beautiful park (lots of shade trees, friendly people) with affordable lot rent. Life was looking up --- I really, really, really wanted a home without wheels.   The bathroom was sloped at a 40ish degree angle, however, my rose colored glasses were firmly in place and I figured I'd keep saving my pennies & get it fixed.
  I socked away my pennies and looked for a house to buy.
It took two years to find one I could afford in a relatively crime free neighborhood. An up/down duplex that I thought I could rent part of if times got rough. Key word here "thought"!
  As time passed, I learned that not only was the electric system inadequate, the wiring and plumbing were almost from the Middle Ages (this is NOT a good thing). I also found out - through trial and error, that I am not the "Handy Ma'am" of my delusions. I got estimates and allocated more monies to saving for renovation.
  The old homestead (built 1880) is a small, yet spacious home with character, charm, and ... surprise.. all sorts of features that are not up to date!   I know... rent the upstairs and use this money to help acquire renovation funds! Unfortunately, the upstairs space heater was also out of date so, no renting until a current heating solution can be implemented.
  I moved in (with A LOT of help from family and friends), euphoric that I now had a place to call my own and a fenced yard for my dog (and cats) to enjoy. Yippee! I enjoyed a couple of months of settling in (unpacking, arranging, in general, climatizing).   I was making head way on accumulating funds, when I was downsized (looking to be upsized!) at work. Six months later, my savings are shot, my eyes are sore from looking for new income, and I need your help to keep my home.
 So, if you have a bit to spare, please share. Thank you.
Check out the clubs, get some laughs and help out if you can. Thanks!
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Lori passed away in July of 2008. This site remains as a memorial. Donations are not being taken and Paypal links have been removed.