"Fool On The Hill" Club

Help Raise: $40,500

  Give that gal a sign...
  I wouldn't even have this house if it weren't for a now retired insurance agent (and my good friend who referred him) that must have decided "What the heck!", and insured this wonderful old home with all its glorious charm and "What's a code?" features.
  I am, however, here and anything you can share to help me stay is truly appreciated. (Giving to this club disperses your gift throughout all of the clubs.)

If you get a chuckle from my situation, and want to give all at once - this is the place!
  Become An Official Charter Member!

As a Thank You when you give money to the Fool On The Hill Club, you will receive a link for a Golden Medallion certificate that includes all of the clubs and is suitable for framing. It can be a great conversation piece. People would say, "What's that?", and you could say, "Oh, I helped a fool on the hill".
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Lori passed away in July of 2008. This site remains as a memorial. Donations are not being taken and Paypal links have been removed.