"Do Fence Me In" Club

Help Raise: $700

  I understand from my neighbor (the one who does not let her kids jump on and run into the fence) that the previous resident patched and patched and patched the fence throughout the years. It is an old wood fence that is part weave and part newer vertical planks.
  The other side where the neighbor HAS let her kids use it as a ramming rod and for climbing and leaping practice is barely hanging on.
  The city patrol (they still have their jobs - no cuts there) like to tag stuff like this and send out "you better fix it" notices. Let's alleviate their need to tag!
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As a Thank You when you give money to the Do Fence Me In Club, you will receive a link for a certificate suitable for framing. It can be a great conversation piece. People would say, "What's that?", and you could say, "Oh, I helped a lady fence herself in".
There's a reason I picked red for the fence color in the logo and a black feline (see Haunted Hill House Club).
Fence Gate
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Lori passed away in July of 2008. This site remains as a memorial. Donations are not being taken and Paypal links have been removed.