"Bridge Out Of Troubled Waters" Club

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  Sump Pumps are wonderful tools! Bridge Out Of Troubled Waters Club  
  Some wonderful person (who probably meant well) dug a pit in the cellar and installed the water meter to the main water pipe. They (or a later owner), then installed a sump pump to handle the (so far, annual) flood when the spring rains arrive and seep into the foundation.  
  When the 9' x 9' cellar floods (about 3 feet of water), one learns the joy of bailing. I have a 5 lb. bucket and a brave and foolish determination when I venture down the steps to bail enough water so the sump pump can work. Have you ever taken a real cold shower? Brrrrr!
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As a Thank You when you give money to the Bridge Out Of Troubled Waters Club, you will receive a link for a certificate suitable for framing. It can be a great conversation piece. People would say, "What's that?", and you could say, "Oh, I helped a lady build a bridge out of troubled waters".
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Lori passed away in July of 2008. This site remains as a memorial. Donations are not being taken and Paypal links have been removed.